Monday, June 8, 2015

Stress Soup

  I have had to step back and not write so much lately. I am not well, to be honest. I walked up to the scary pick up gate at the kids school to hand out the verbose one's birthday party invitations. I was almost surprised when one of the moms asked me, " what the heck happened to you?" She was referring to my twenty-four hour heart monitor that was strapped to me.
  I have come to the point when abnormal is my normal. I don't even ... yah normal? Bwahahaha,(insert maniacal laughter). I have added medication to my already disliked line up. When I saw my cardiologist last week he talked about upping the steroid that I am on... and I wonder why I feel stabby... a lot lately?
   Today I got to go in a have an ultrasound of my carotid artery. Tomorrow is a tilt table test and I am not even remotely excited about that. Google it and you will know why. Go ahead I triple dog dare you.  Because of the test tomorrow have had to stop my steroid. That means that I am very sleepy today. Darn low blood pressure!!!
   I'm guessing at this point you have figured out why I haven't been writing... I am whining. Yes I would like some cheese with my whine.
  The kids are out of school for the summer. They are both having a rough transition. I really want to take the school board members into my home just so they can see how hard change is for autism families. I think that they might reconsider starting school back up for a couple weeks only to have a long Labor Day weekend.  
  Well, here is to tomorrow! I will be in and out of my Facebook page. There is a chance that I might have to stay and it not be an out patient thing. Send all of your good thoughts, prayers, juju and what ever else you can send my way.  Oh, I won't complain if there is chocolate and coffee either... feel free to consume it as a sign of solidarity.  

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