Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Sibling

   Who is this sibling? She is the other half, a twin who isn't a twin. She watches out for her brother, she is always the eyes on the back of his head.
    Often she takes backseat to him. I hate it, but, his needs come before hers at times. She learns how his differences change the ways that he interacts with others. When another kid's feelings get hurt she is first to say that he is "artistic", that his brain works differently and that it is okay.
   All of the times that she couldn't go to events. All of the play dates cut short and friendships that ended from lack of understanding. She never complained, never whined and never blamed him.

   When her feelings are hurt, as I dry her tears, there are times that she just doesn't understand. I tell her why and that he was trying. It is so much harder for him...peopling is hard. They fight often, but, they will always be united against the world.
    I saw something in her, perhaps it was a glimpse of the future? She walked her brother to the service counter. She gave him the extra bit of help that he needed. I watched proudly, with a smile, not wanting to interfere. It gave me peace, it gave me hope.

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