Saturday, October 3, 2015


I started writing this last night on my tablet. This was hard to write but I felt that I needed to.

   I have had a very busy day today and I am grateful. What little bit I was online I spent a chunk of it hiding posts from my timeline. It is because Roseburg, Oregon is a place that I know well. It is not some distant city that I am only hearing about for the first time like most of you. Many people that I love live there. My family has spent several winters near there. The Roseburg area is our home away from home.
Taken at the "Train Park" also known as Steward's Park. In Roseburg, Oregon.
    When I got the call confirming my son's Diagnosis we were staying about 19 miles south from there. Another family that I know thru the sweet church up there, is also an autism family. The mom was an amazing, kind and friendly face that got why our family is different. Their oldest daughter was in the building next door to the shooter. One of the dead could have been her.

Taken in Roseburg, Oregon two days after we got Bubs' diagnosis.
   I am pro gun, but I am also pro gun law. The conundrum that our country is facing is how do we stop this? This has to stop now. Is gun control going to stop it? I don't think so. I think that the problem is far deeper. We now have a generation of adults where we are exposed to war daily without experiencing it. We see violent crimes daily. But it isn't our loved ones dying. We can tear people down with our words. We can stir up hatred. We can tell others to commit heinous act of violence. All from the comfort of our homes, with the help of the internet.
   This resounded to me this last September 11. Before September 11, 2001 we were so free from fear. I never thought twice about public shootings or bombings. I was never fearful to go to a movie theater. The horror of that day felt like a sharp knife cutting thru our nation. It was something that we never had experienced.
We are numb.

Fishing on the Umpqua River a few miles from Roseburg, Oregon.
   I can't even tell you how much my heart hurts. I have tears instead of words. Change must take place now. Our country needs to talk about it.

A picture taken by Kid #1. He even picked what I was doing.
  Roseburg Oregon is a small community of mostly loggers or mill workers. I can guarantee that everyone either knew a victim or someone who was on campus.  Whatever change that comes from this horrible tragedy it will be too late for them. My thoughts and prayers are with that small community. May the souls of the victims find peace and their deaths not be in vain...May their memory be eternal.
Quinn Cooper, Jason Johnson, Lucero Alcaraz, Larry Levine, Lucas Eibel, Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, Rebecka Carnes, Treven Anspach, Sarena Moore

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