Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Autism Mom

Do you see me?
I am that women at the doctor's office with a screaming child. I am messy from the struggle. My heart is broken since my hands are proverbially tied.
Do you ever wondered why?
Why we are never there for birthdays, baptisms, pretty much anything. Why my son who is so sweet and smart could possibly struggle.
Do you ever think?
Think if it were my child they would never be like that. It must be something that they are doing wrong. Think to yourself why doesn't she do something?

    Well, I have done something and I am actively seeking, looking, begging for more help. Mental health services are almost non existent for adults and don't exist for children. I am drowning. My only saving grace is that I WILL NOT STOP until I have the help that we need.

    In the mean time don't judge me. If you have typical kids think about how hard that is. Now try to imagine having an almost 8 year old struggling with the kind of issues that normally only adults have to carry the burden of. He is brave, kind and good... but, life is hard for him. Honestly I don't know if my heart breaks more over the joyful things that he misses out on or the internal struggle that is keeping him from the joy.

   What I want to leave you with is that our family is NOT alone. There are so many adults and children who struggle. We have to stop the stigma that comes with mental health and see it as a part of treating a whole person. It must change now.

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