Sunday, May 10, 2015


  Since today is Mother's Day I have been thinking about what makes a woman earn that title. You frequently hear the phrase, "Anyone can be a father, but it takes a man to be a Dad." The same sentiment goes for moms.  There are so many things that make a mom, well, a mom. The older that my kids get, the more that I realize just how small of a roll pregnancy and birth actually play into that title.
   My oldest was an emergency C-section and my youngest was a planned C-section. There were only three months between my pregnancies. I felt a huge load of guilt. I had several friends who were pregnant at the same time. They had fast deliveries without complications. I fed into the beliefs that I had heard. If only I had used a midwife? If only I had cut out dairy in my last trimester? The thoughts were looping in my head... Non stop. The reality is that no matter how your child makes it into the world, they are alive. End of the story.
As time has gone on, I have found that nobody talks about it. No one cares about how your six year old was born.
   None of that matters now.
  One of the other factor that doesn't diminish or make your momhood less... mom like, is how you became a mom. How you got pregnant or if you adopted doesn't make you less of a mom either. I also know quite a few step moms who are far more involved than the birth mom,(aka womb donor).
   Being a mother has very little to do with how that child came into your life or how they came to be. What matters is what you do after he or she does.
  You become a mom during the sleepless nights spent comforting. All of the countless hours you spend making sure that your child's needs are met. The everyday, mundane tasks that we don't make a grand event of. Those are the moments where your love grows. That is how you become a mom.
   I want all of the woman out there to who aren't able to ever carry a baby within their body to know, you can still be a mom. The life long, unconditional love is what defines a mom.

For those who are, those who have yet to be and those who have been. May your day be blessed and your love honored.
Happy Mother's Day!

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