Monday, April 13, 2015

An Awkward Mama's Awkward Day

   Today has been... yah. There aren't words really. Let me just say that today was the last two Mondays combined. I am considering spending tomorrow in yoga pants, (Eva Mendes eat your heart out), with my hair in a bun. Hiding out just sounds... nice.
   This is the first day of the kids being back to school from spring break. I woke up feeling very rested, (that in and of its self spells disaster) . First thing I went into the kitchen to start the coffee. Filter in, check. Coffee ground and in said filter, check. Water in reservoir, check. Turn it on nothing. I start to panic... I didn't see the light on. Then I realized the my FINGER was over the light. I should have gone back to bed right then and there.

   The next thing that was, (off?), was my son. I really hate school breaks with a vengeance. I don't think that hate is a strong enough word, actually.   It started out with my son not wanting to go to school. I barely got him dressed and out the door. Then the whole way there I had to talk him down so that he didn't bolt once we got there. He went in and everything ended up being fine. He even volunteered to help serve lunch. His teacher said that he was anxious about there being any changes in their schedule. I think that was what must have set him off. Yet, another fine example of an inability to communicate emotions or fears. It is one of the biggest frustrations that I hear other autism moms talk about. But, ability to talk does not equal an ability to communicate.
   Since, I seemed to have been feeling optimistic this morning I went to Walmart after school drop off. I have been on a new medication. Sometimes it makes me feel loopy and sometimes not. Today it did... Did I mention that it was a Super Walmart? I went into the store and walked in circles. Maybe more like a figure eight? I don't know. What I do know is that I hushed myself out loud for talking out loud. I also bought an Easter Lilly that was marked way down and a Gardenia that I could have lived without. Oh, yes, the only pen that I had in my purse was broken. So, I checked off my list with the insides of my broken pen.

I have a feeling that it would be pretty hard to get kicked out of Walmart. I may have been pushing it though.
  I did manage to get home, unload my stuff and get the kids from school. But, the day wouldn't be complete without having a conversation with a friend where I kept talking when I should have just shut up. I think that I should have had a special social class when I was a kid. Granted, back to my new medication, it has made me ... blunt.
   Long post short, I have a feeling that I might be done adulting for today. The husband came home and grabbed the verbose one then went to CAT to get equipment parts. Once they get back we are going to go out for dinner. My fingers are crossed for a quiet evening... perhaps I can be an adult one last time to get an adult beverage...

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