Saturday, March 21, 2015

This is a little post about World Down Syndrome Day. 

   Up until this last year I had never personally known someone with Down Syndrome. I was raised by a mom who had a passion for special needs adults and children. She passed that on to me along with compassion and acceptance.
  A year ago this last Friday began my first true experience with anyone with down syndrome. It was in the shape of a super sweet little girl. She was kind and compassionate. She helped my son feel at ease in his new school. I will be forever grateful for that. She is now in middle school and no longer at my son's school. Her presence is missed.
    This last fall a new little boy joined my son's class he is almost the same age as my son. When I look at him I see his mom and dad. He looks so much like them. He has an amazing mom who has made herself an expert on Downs Syndrome so that she is able to do what is best for him at all times.
   This little boy I love. No he isn't my kid or related to me. There is something about him that is beyond words. He is smart, kind and so sweet.

He loves my son, so maybe that's apart of my love for him?

   He loves Paw Patrol, dncing and doing the word wall, (he knows every word). Spiders fascinate him. When he used to see me he would point and ask, "what your name?" Now he points and say,"You ,(kid#1), mom!"
   Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Children and adults with Down Syndrome are beautiful and unique. I truly do believe that there is a need in society for everyone. Its our job as a whole to find it. Earlier today I shared a meme on my Facebook page. I think that it sums up exactly what I feel the best.

"Life is the right of every child. Not just a special privilege for the fortunate, the planned and the perfect."

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